A tradition the is renewed

A tradition the is renewed

LLa Cascina 1899, by Salvatore Agostino, was built in 2005 and mainly focuses on the production, valorization and marketing of typical local and confectionary products. The company produces most of the typical Calabrian products on its own, most of these obtained by the transformation of the bergamots. La Cascina 1899 cooperates with the best local artisan producers, who regularly provide their products, which could then be sold and appreciated all throughout the region and country.
Even if the company is relatively young, the owner has been promoting typical Calabrian products for over thirty years, since he is the son of second generation restauranteurs.

As the product is known, it manages to capture the curiosity of knowledge about the places of origin of those same products, which induces the taste enthusiasts to spend shorter or longer holiday periods to participate in thematic events (themed days organized by Slow Food, wine bars or specialized restaurants, etc.)
The most effective tools during these years of activity have been the participation in fairs and exhibitions of national and international importance, among others, we recall: the Cibus Med Fair in Bari, the Expo Fair in Brussel, the International Food Exhibition in Paris (SIAL), the TuttoFood in Milan, the Anuga Fair in Colonia in 2010, the Cibus in Parma, the Chocolate Feast in Cosenza and the exhibitions located in shopping centers, such as the Mirabello in Cantù and the Metropolis in Rende. Furthermore, thanks to a massive promotional campaign, which took place pre-holiday season, the sale of gift baskets has grown tremendously, full of typical Calabrian products, which have helped making the specialties of our land known and appreciated, enticing people to learn and visit the same places of Alta Locride.

Currently, the company produces and sells the following typical Calabrian food and confectionery products: amaretti biscuits, cantucci biscuits, nougats, Bergamot cream, Beragamino, chocolate covered sundried figs, panettoni, Easter Dove Cakes, flavoured chocolate and many more products.
Sales extend throughout the country, mainly in the southern Italy, with delivery service carried out by couriers.

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